A Performance at Hog Theatre no. 5 

A Good Place To Dance, To Fall Over 

Isaac Jordan 

Frasier Thomas

The swamp is a good place for things to get stuck in. It's a place on the edge of something - half-thought, half-remembered, yet strangely solid. Fragments of thoughts and ideas get caught in the surface of the swamp. The thin skin-like layer is perfect for catching stray acorns and other typical 'forest-y' items. Whenever you hear a splash you are reminded of the confidence of the fish that live below. 

A peat bog is a good place to take a walk, to have a dance, to fall over. The soft ground means that every road leading up to the bog undulates up and down like a rollercoaster. Everything surrounding it is on the verge of slowly being absorbed into the landscape. You can take any size stick (no matter how big) and push it into the ground until your hand meets peat.  

I now find myself sitting in a swamp, painting. It's a good place to make a painting. Even though I'm quite happy with the scenes composition, I wouldn't mind if a stray beach-ball (kicked too high) drifts into the scene and lands right splat in the middle of the boggy mud. 

A Performance at Hog Theatre is an online space for an artwork to exist before being replaced and archived on the site. The space will act as an invitation for artists to collaborate in making a piece of work. It will act as a fragment, a place on the edge of something.


Come on down to Hog Theatre and watch the dry ice settle over the bog land... 

Based between Manchester and Bristol, Isaac Jordan’s work presents fragmented, tentative images where at times nothing is as important as something. Working across painting, drawing, animation and collaboration. The artist's work has been exhibited in group shows such as BEEP Painting Prize, Swansea, Why Smash Atoms, PS Mirabel, Manchester, Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, Fake Covers for Fake Music, Hilbertraum, Berlin.

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Frasier Thomas - 


My practice involves drawing and painting. My drawing informs my painting and vice versa. I recycle, evolve and merge together characters and motifs that I carry throughout my work.


I like it when things are the same but different.


I am interested in combinations and contradictions. I like when something is off and awkward. When something is on the edge of looking wrong; or just looks wrong. I find satisfaction in things that do not fit together. When you can’t tell if someone is joking or serious. Confusion, distrust, too much and not enough.

For a work to be finished it has to be on the edge of being good/bad, me liking/not liking it. The work is unsure.

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