A Performance at Hog Theatre no.1

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Isaac Jordan

Otis Jordan

Once full, a pulled back head of white hair, now transparent through the backlighting of stage lights surrounds the pale green face. The feathery wisps flicker from a nearby fan. A bead of sweat glides along a crevice like a marble down a miniature slide. Chunky plastic glasses and handlebar moustache (well groomed) shift up and down in time to a lone John Carpenter melody. 


Shirt collars and a surge of a theme song. 

As the dry ice settles over the bogland, our eyes slowly become adjusted to the bright lights. Gradually, we begin to look out over the edge, across the room and wonder, does John Carpenter paint? 

John Carpenter, 15.5 x 9.5 cm, Oil on board, 2020 

Based between Manchester and Bristol, Isaac Jordan’s work presents fragmented, tentative images where at times nothing is as important as something. Working across painting, drawing, animation and collaboration. The artist's work has been exhibited in group shows such as Why Smash Atoms, PS Mirabel, Manchester, Herb Juke, The Talleyrand, Manchester, Micro, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, That Chopping Sound, SPACE Gallery, Bristol, Fake Covers for Fake Music, Hilbertraum, Berlin.

Otis Jordan is a musician and artist from Manchester, who makes music merging acoustic and electronic instruments with things lying on his desk, homemade instruments and old relics lying around in his cellar. It is often described as experimental folk music.